Wednesday, 25 August 2010


So this is my first ever post in my first ever blog. 'citing! I'm gonna treat it like a pet or something and give it lots of attention, talk gibberish at it and generally feed it all the crap that's knocking about in my head looking for an escape route. Above all though it'll be a cosy little web home for all the creative projects I do as a student, starting with 'Journey'.

As first projects go, 'Journey' could have been worse. We were given the brief to document our journey to college in whichever way we liked, and mine somehow resulted in me hitching a ride off a pigeon to escape the scary storm I found myself caught up in before being flown through a weird vortex which is sucking the sky into its depths and then making it through to the other side where it is a lot calmer. I can't help but think it would make a great laxatives advert.

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