Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Needle Felted Mobile

I created another hanging mobile yesterday...

In colours of purple, yellow, turquoise and salmon pink, the little creatures peer at one another as they appear to float in mid-air. You can't help but wonder what they might be thinking! Perfect contemporary decor for hanging above a cot/crib or changing area in a nursery, or in a kids bedroom or playroom. Available to buy from my shop.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Felt Monsters

I was recently asked to make a custom hanging mobile for the playroom of a friends nephew. He wanted colourful monsters, so I designed some pretty gormless looking characters and set about creating them out of wool blended felt.

No sewing machine or glue was used in the construction of these little critters; everything was stitched by hand with embroidered features. They were then suspended using monofilament fishing line and steel wire. 

The mobile would look great in any children's room and is available as a made to order item in my Etsy shop. Individual monsters can also be bought separately!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Nursery Mobile

I made a mobile today which would look lovely suspended above a baby's cot.

I found a nursery interior photo online which matched the teals, yellows and pinks of the fabrics I used for the birds perfectly, so a little bit of photoshopping and hey presto!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Needle Felting

After seeing some of the wonderful creations in wool dotted around the craft-o-sphere I decided to have a go myself and discovered it to be strangely addictive (if a bit time consuming, fiddly and painful, as my poorly punctured fingertips can attest to). Repetitively stabbing bits of raw Merino wool with a single barbed needle is quite a good stress reliever. Well, until the fingers get in the way that is.

After a bit of practice I made some wooly creatures...

And a hanging raincloud. All these creations will be available in my shops come the new year.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Final Projects

Well here I am again! I've neglected this blog, and regretfully so, but it's time to breathe new life into it as I start a new chapter with Pigs Have Wings. But before I do, and seeing as this was originally a home for my art college projects, I'll just post the last ones I completed before I graduated back in July.

The project 'The Essence of Colour' drove me mad. Absolutely bonkers in fact, because I decided on a colour I don't particularly like; the sickly, girly hues of bubblegum pink. I then discovered that the shade was used to calm violent prisoners in a painted holding cell, earning it the nickname "Drunk Tank Pink". This came as a result of experiments conducted in 1979 by Dr. Alexander G. Schauss, who reported that exposure to the colour he named Baker Miller Pink significantly reduced heart rate. His paper, and subsequent studies which found prolonged exposure actually enraged subjects, informed the idea behind the A1 poster and accompanying A5 booklet required of the brief. 

My original plan was to punch a hole in an actual plaster boarded wall and photograph it with the paint tin in the bottom corner, which would then be the other side of my A5 booklet when unfolded. There was just one problem, finding a decent wall with a cavity behind it with which the owner would not mind me (or, when it actually came to it, a friend with a much bigger fist) vandalising. In the end I decided on having an actual sheet of plaster as my poster, which caused disagreement between the tutors as to whether this veered away too much from the parameters of the brief, rendering it to something more like an art installation. However, I am nothing if not deviant, so I went ahead with it anyway. 

A return to children's books had me crafting 'The Cat Day Manifesto' out of paper, and 'Machine', illustrated with acrylics and pencils. 

Friday, 20 January 2012

Monterey Jazz Festival Poster

This design takes its inspiration from the Miro exhibition I visited in the summer and a chance encounter with an old man who has been hanging around the jazz bars of Soho for most of his life. His story conjured up images of smoke filled cellars brimming with hepcats and beatniks.

I wanted to get a feel for a genre which influenced a lot of great 20th century artists like Miro, Pollock, Matisse and Mondrian, so I donned a beret and let the music guide my paintbrush.

Lemon and Elephant

It's high time I posted something so the following are pages from some kids books I've been working on.

The idea behind my obscurely humorous tale 'Adventures of a Lemon' was simply to explore the avenue of photography using the urban landscape as a background. I anthromorphosised some fruit and veg, and with the lemon as my main character a story was gradually built around their experiences on the tough streets of the city, avoiding their fate on the plate having been plucked from the cosy vegetable patch or orchard they'd grown up in.

'Elephant' is a short but sweet story I wrote in response to an illustration brief to create a book based on 'deception'. Aiming it at a younger audience than the first, I took to the scissors and played around with coloured paper to come up with these appealing characters.